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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best SEO tips by product pages

 SEO aids of product pages can often be disregarded, with many just contribution basic product details and a brief description.

·         Product Page Title Label

The title label of the product page is something that's easy to get disordered about.  Do you put your site name first, then the product name?  Or do you even need your site name in the URL?

The best way to solve this is to think about what you're doing and how it will appear to searchers.  The page title is what will be shown as a link to your page on the search engines in the organic rankings.  So you should think about how you'd like your link to look.  You have two routes here. - Widget A
Widget A -

·         Exclusive product descriptions Evade simply reproducing the manufacturer’s product description as several other sites will probably be using it already. It may be easier but will not help you move up the rankings as search engines will mark it down as duplicate content.

An exclusive product description should not only help your conversion rate, it should also allow you to attract more search traffic.

·         Use customer product reviews

Customer appraisals can not only help encourage shoppers to make purchases, they can also be very useful for SEO.

·         Use keywords in URLs Many online sellers, expressly those with large product ranges, use dynamic databases, which can produce some ugly, lengthy URLs which bear no relation to the product.
 Brand sure product pages are just a twosome of clicks away

This is good practice anyway as it will allow customers to find products more quickly, but it also makes it easier for search engine crawlers to
access these pages.

  Enhance your images for SEO
With the overview of worldwide search, more and more images will be cracking up in the search results, so every image on your product pages should be improved.

Product Linking

Linking to other relevant products from within your descriptions can really boost your keyword relevance for that product.  For example, on the product page for "Widget A" you might want to mention that Widget A makes a great add on to Widget B while linking to Widget B. 
The HTML Header Tags

HTML Header tags are used on pretty much every website today, and are heavily used in standards based sites of recent years.  Most people know that the purpose of the Header tags is to define header with text, but not everyone knows of their significance with search engines, especially Google.  To search engines, the header (if used properly) should define what the page is about, and since there are up to 6 HTML header tags, you can describe the page pretty clearly to the search engine by simple using the header tags and they will in turn provide a boost in keyword relevance to the words wrapped in the header tags.

Image Alt Tags

Simple yet often overlooked, there isn't a better way to increase keyword relevance and density on your e-commerce product page while than taking advantage of image alt tags.  As if the SEO benefits weren’t enough, the purpose of image alt tags is to make your site more accessible.

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