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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to get a website on the first page of Google

Any website owner would love to be on the first page of Google. But people who have been into Internet marketing can very well tell you that it is not that easy. It requires a lot of effort to accomplish this. The most important thing to do if you wish to achieve this feat is to learn SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

So you are wondering how to get on the first page of Google for any keyword? I can lay down a few very simple steps that can help you get this done. Many of my pages rank on the first page of Google because I use this formula.

The following steps if done judiciously will tell you how to get on the first page of Google for any keyword.

First of all, set up your website on WordPress. For people who do not know what WordPress is, it is a content management solution. You can Google it to find the details. The reason why I am asking you to do this is because optimization is extremely easy on WordPress.

Next, install the platinum SEO plugin. This plugin will give you the option of creating custom meta tags like title, keyword and description. This way each of your pages or, posts will have a unique meta tag and they can all rank for different keywords.

Next, do the following in each of the pages or, posts that you create-

Ensure that you have a keyword density of around 3.5%. Keyword density is the frequency of keywords used per 100 words in you page. There are a lot of websites that can help you do it. You can search for them on Google.
Create an h1, h2 and h3 tag each with you keyword in it.
Create a link to another page on the same website with the keyword as the anchor text.
Bolden one occurrence of your keyword on your page.
Underline one occurrence of your keyword on your page.
Italicize one occurrence of your keyword on your page.
Ensure your first sentence has your keyword in it.
Ensure that your last sentence has your keyword in it.

One you have completed all this, publish your page or, post and bookmark it with the major social media sites.

In 24-48 hours of completion of all this your website will be indexed and in less than 2-3 days you should see you pages on the first page of Google.

Another way:
There are 3 big steps to Search Engine Optimization.
  1. Keyword research. Potential customers are typing certain words into Google to find your service or product. What are those words?
  2. On Page SEO. Make sure that your current website mentions your keywords.
  3. Off Page SEO. Make sure that other websites mention your website.

First we do keyword research.

A lot of research. Keywords are the backbone of how to get a website on the first page of Google, so this step is mondo-important.
You can do this right now for free.
Go to Google’s Keyword tool. (We also use Market Samurai. You can sign up for a free trial here)
Enter a phrase you think your customers might type to find you. For example, let’s say you sell lemonade in New York City. If people are looking to buy lemonade in New York City, they may type in ‘lemonade in NYC’.
So if you type that in to the keyword tool, you will get some other terms Google thinks is related to ‘lemonade in NYC’.
You will see a long list of terms, some of which are relevant to selling lemonade in NYC, some that are not. You simply pick the words and terms that show the most monthly traffic.
The next step is to find how many other websites are competing to be on page 1 for that term. The free way of doing this step is to simply take the term you like and put it into Google in quotations. Underneath the search results you will see how many other pages are competing.

Any term with 100,000 competing pages or less can be moved to page 1 in three months or less (with a couple more steps)
We repeat this process of finding great search terms with high searches and low competition over and over. Then, we make sure that your website mentions these terms.

Next is on-page SEO.

After all, if you would like to be found for ‘lemonade NYC’ but your site only talks about ‘coffee in NYC’ there is no reason for Google to think you also sell lemonade.
Our next step is to coordinate with the person who manages your website, and let them know about all the keywords we will be targeting. They can then make sure the on-page SEO is done correctly. (Don’t worry, if they don’t know how to do this, we’ll show them.)

Finally, we find other websites that are similar to our client’s site and get backlinks.

Here is an example of a great backlink.
If you clicked on that, you will notice it simply links back to our homepage. What you clicked is the backlink and the word ‘great backlink‘ is the anchor text.

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