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Friday, June 7, 2013

Google Penguin SEO Tips

Hello guys, on March 11 Matt Cutts declared next big penguin update, which is on the way soon. So my recommendation will be to begin working on your website right now in order  to get ready for this update in the future. The primary marks, Matt Cutts stated are key indicators of website quality and position in SERP – First is content, than social, user experience, building and SEO. Furthermore all of these factors are main components of SEO strategy. The question is how we utilize precisely our SEO understanding in content material, social media or link building. As we realize, online branding, reputation management and visibility functions in collaboration with SEO as well. What can be the primary Google penguin SEO tips in 2013?

1. Get rid of exact match anchor links

Leave your content on its own with some possibilities. If its is well crafted, it will do its job. Diversify links and make them brandable.

2. Get rid of harmful websites and domain names

Never buy low trust spam websites and domain names. I mean researching the history of the website at all times  before buying it.

3. Relationship matters – Build your identity

Go social, as it the highest rated priority according to Matts. Instead of building spammy links, think about  brand reputation and presence. Try to position higher into target audience minds. It really means more, than one sale or one boost in SERP.

4. Future is equivalent to mobile

Transform your website into mobile applications – there are plenty of cool mobile design templates and services online. Also mobile SEO varies in structure and composition – as the search strategy (the way consumers are searching) is different too.

5. Develop responsive and relevant design

Make the header elements telling the vision and mission of your website, always analyze the semantic structure, page content, outgoing links.

6. C .O .N .T .E .N .T

Creative – One and only-Never told-To the point -Exclusive -Non duplicated-Terrific. I have talked about the cosmic power of content for many times.So it should be your first and last tip-always create, check, analyze, publish, monitor, create, check… Invest in your uniqueness and competitive sides.
While google penguin SEO updates 2013 may  hit both black and white method users ,I have no doubt fair internet gamers will certainly win the competition .


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