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Friday, September 24, 2010

Google Ranking factors

Some Google Ranking Factors - SEO Checklist


  1. Positive ON-Page SEO Factors.
    1. Keyword in URL.
    2. Keyword in Domain name.
    3. Keyword in Title Tag.
    4. Keyword in H1, H2 and H3.


  2. Negative ON-Page SEO Factors.
    1. Text presented in graphics form only
      No ACTUAL body text on the page


    2. Affiliate site: The Florida update went after affiliates with a vengeance - flower and travel affiliates were hit hard - cookie-cutter sites with massive inter-linking, but little unique content. Subsequent updates have also targeted affiliates.



    1. Over optimization penalty (OOP): Penalty for over-compliance with well-established, accepted web optimization practices. Too high keyword repetition (keyword stuffing) may get you the OOP. Overuse of H1 tags has been mentioned. Meta-tag stuffing.


    1. Poison words: The word "Links" in a title tag has been suggested to be a bad idea. Here is my list of Poison Words for Adsense. This penalty has been loosened - many of these words now appear in normal context, with no problems. But watch your step.


    1. Excessive cross-linking: within the same C block (
      If you have many sites (>10, author's guess) with the same web host, prolific cross-linking can indicate more of a single entity, and less of democratic web voting. Easy to spot, easy to penalize.
      "This does not apply to a small number of sites".. (this author guesses the number 10, JAWG) . . . "Hosted on a local server". . Matt Cutts July 2006.


    1. Keyword stuffing threshold: In body, meta tags, alt text, etc. = demotion



  1. Positive OFF-Page SEO Factors.


    1. Page Rank: Based on the Number and Quality of links to you. Google link reporting continues to display just a SMALL fraction of your actual back links, and they are NOT just greater than PR4 - they are mixed.
    2. Anchor text of inbound link to you.
    3. Link from "Expert" site. Google patent - Big time boost (Hilltop Algorithm).Recently reported to give a big boost!
    4. Site listed in Yahoo Directory: Big boost - You can get in by paying $299 each year. Many swear it is worth it - many swear it isn't.
    5. Site Age - Old shows stability.


  1. Negative OFF-Page SEO Factors.
    1. Zero links to you: You MUST have at least 1 (one) incoming link (back link) from some website somewhere, that Google is aware of, to REMAIN in the index.
    2. Link-buying. (Very good IF you don't get caught, but don't do it -when caught, the penalty isn't worth it.)
    3. Cloaking: Google promises to Ban! (Presenting one webpage to the search engine spider, and another webpage to everybody else.)
    4. Penalties - resulting from. Domain hijacking (work with Google to fix).





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