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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gets Traffic using Facebook and Twitter



Facebook is not the first social network but it is the most popular one. There have been many other social networks before Facebook and while some of them were popular at some point in time, none could reach the popularity of Facebook. In addition to keeping in touch with your friends, Facebook can be (and is) used for business. You can use it to promote your products and services, to acquire new clients, or to get traffic to your site.


  • Your profile is your major weapon:

As with Twitter and any other social network, if you don't make your profile interesting, you will hardly become popular. Give enough background information for you and don't forget to make your profile public because this way even people, who don't know you, when they encounter your profile, they might become interested in you and become a supporter of yours.

  • Build your network

  • Post regularly

  • Be active

  • Arrange your page

  • Check what Facebook apps are available

  • Use Facebook Social Ads

  • Start a group

  • Write your own Facebook extensions

  • Use separate profiles



Twitter is simple to use and this is what made it so popular. Twitter is fashionable right now, so enjoy the moment. Even the creators of Twitter admit that as with MySpace and other Web 2.0 sensations, Twitter will inevitably go out of fashion some day, so hurry up and get some traffic for free now, when it is still all the rage of the season.    


  • Make your Twitter profile interesting

  • Pick a niche-targeted username

  • Put your site/blog URL in your profile

  • Search for Twitter users with similar interests

  • Socialize on Twitter as much as you can

  • Tweet regularly

  • Don't spam

  • Take advantage of Twitterfeed

  • Make Twitter Search love you

  • Add Twitter gadgets to your site






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