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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is best deployed as part of an overall strategic web marketing campaign. Internet Marketing should be viewed as a synergy of business models, platforms, technology and techniques applied to meet business objectives through good website marketing. Internet Marketing is a powerful concept when applied properly and good website marketing can be delivered through quality web design, site functionality and search marketing through search engine optimization as well as in a variety of other formats such as:

  • Banner ads
  • Blogs and blog ads
  • Text linking
  • Group marketing
  • Audio/visual rich media ads
  • Podcasting
  • RSS feeds
  • Streaming media
  • E-mail list and newsletter publishing
  • Press release distribution
  • Virally distributed interactive products
  • Internet Marketing delivers and communicates messages. Internet Marketing is also used to also sell virtually everything from products, brands, concepts, services, information, donations, votes and profiles, making website marketing a versatile tool.
  • Large marketers continue to spend big online through Website Marketing and Search Marketing. Online advertising alone is worth tens of billions of dollars annually. In 2008 it is estimated that more than $5 billion will be spent worldwide in each of the top four categories of Internet Marketing ads - adult content and gambling, information, electronics, and computing, making web marketing a growing industry. The US is predicted to lead the world in Internet Marketing through adverts, spending over $45 billion in 2011 purely on website marketing, making internet marketing big business.
  • The reasons for Internet Marketing proving such a powerful, emergent concept are many.
  • Internet Marketing is targeted:
    Internet Marketing can be directed at specific web users, with content and media created to deliver appropriate messages via website marketing techniques. Specialised interest groups and niches can be focused by targeted Internet Marketing.
  • Internet Marketing is flexible:
    An Internet Marketing campaign can be very specific, not just in where and how the Internet Marketing campaign will run but also when the web marketing runs. Website Marketing Campaigns can be time exact and efficient.
  • Internet Marketing is measurable:
    Internet Marketing campaign performance analytics can be closely studied to reveal key web marketing performance indicators. E.g. - new customers acquired status of existing customers, profitability of customers by demographic segments, spend per head, and return on investment and many more website marketing stats. Website Marketing results are easily accessible, making web marketing and search marketing a great measurable tool.
  • Internet Marketing is adjustable:
    As the Internet is such a dynamic environment, website marketing campaigns can be honed as an ongoing process of web marketing. Analytics and Internet Marketing campaign data can reveal strengths and weaknesses in Web Marketing campaigns and website marketing resources deployed accordingly. Website marketing isn't just focused and proactive, Internet Marketing can also be extremely reactive.
  • Internet Marketing is Cost Effective:
    Internet Marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared to the ratio of cost against the reach of the target audience. Using website marketing, companies are able to reach their target audience for a fraction of traditional advertising budgets with good Internet Marketing. The current economic downturn may offer many potential opportunities for companies to develop effective website marketing, search marketing and advertising. Search marketing incorporating organic search engine optimization and pay per click (PPC) web marketing campaigns prove the most effective forms of website marketing.

    The current top 10 Search Engine Optimization determining factors are:

  • SEO factor 1: Keyword use in title tags
  • SEO factor 2: Anchor text of inbound Links
  • SEO factor 3: Global popularity of the site
  • SEO factor 4: Age of the site
  • SEO factor 5: Link popularity within the site's internal link structure
  • SEO factor 6: Topical relevance of inbound links to site
  • SEO factor 7: Link popularity of site in topical community
  • SEO factor 8: Keyword use in body text
  • SEO factor 9: Global popularity of Linking Site
  • SEO factor 10: Topical relationship of Linking Page

Off Page Search Engine Optimization & SEO

Off Page Search Engine Optimization is critical to the long term authority of your website and combines with your On Page Search Engine Optimization to establish a long term presence for the target keywords. Our Off Page Search Engine Optimizations is carried out monthly and includes the following SEO aspects at different levels depending on how competitive your industry is:

  • SEO aspect 1: Directory Submissions
  • SEO aspect 2: Article Creation and Submission into Article Directories
  • SEO aspect 3: Themed Links From Other Websites to Improve Traffic
  • SEO aspect 4: Blog Integration, including blog writing and posting
  • SEO aspect 5: Social Media Marketing



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