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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About Dmoz

About Dmoz

Dmoz is the Internet’s largest directory system (over 4 million
web sites) and is maintained by human editors. A web site listing
in Dmoz can also be an important part of having a web site rank
well in Google, because Google uses Dmoz results in it’s own directory.

Advantages of Dmoz:

Better relevancy than non-human edited directories and search

Do not rank, promote or optimize sites, simply a data provider.

If you feel better opportunity to dmoz then submitting your web site derictory.


Abuse by editors (not often)

Can take a long time to have your site reviewed

Tips for submitting your site to Dmoz

Make sure your site has original content and isn’t a clone of
other sites.

Make sure your site is error free and the design layout is easy
to use.

Check for spelling and general mistakes on your site.

Submit your site to a relevant categories, otherwise your submission
will be delayed.

Submit your site only once

Becoming a Dmoz Editor
It’s easy to become an editor at Dmoz, all you have to is,

Find a category that you would like to maintain.

Click the Become an Editor link at the top of the category

You will then have to find 2 or 3 sites to add to that category
and explain your reasons why you wish to edit in that category.

Facts about Dmoz

It is in partnership with AOL

Hosted and administered by Netscape Communication Corporation

Self-regulating community

Serves results for search engine Google

On 11th May 2007 Dmoz had,

4,830,584 sites listed

75,151 editors

590,000 categories

More details:


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