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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist:

A handy SEO Checklist for you to ensure your website is going to perform as well as possible in organic search results! Why hire an SEO consultant when many of their SEO secrets are listed here! Over 20 quality SEO tips listed free.

SEO Checklist + Web Site Performance Tips

S = Site + Search

E = Evaluation + Monitoring

O = Optimization + Conversion

Site + Search + Optimization + Conversion Checklist

  1. Know what you want from your website before you start out.

If you're starting out you need to define just what you want from your website. Is it to generate sales, create leads, and interact with an audience or a simple brochure site with contact form?

I've seen clients who 'want a website' but have no idea of what it should do. Why? What's the point? Some direction from the outset please. If you don't know where you want to go how can you get there?

  1. Have clear goals you can monitor and build upon.

How many sales do you need to generate, how many business leads a month, how many Twitter followers and FaceBook fans do you want, what percentage of people who visit your site do one of the things you want?

  1. Understand long term high rankings will take time.

Yes, it is possible to publish something and have it ranked at number one at Google; however, real rankings take a long time, a lot of effort and there's a cost, if you do it yourself there's the hours and hours learning and testing, if you use an SEO firm they're going to invoice you.

There is no overnight solution; time is money.

  1. Read the guidelines the search engines publish:

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Bing Webmaster Center Help

Yahoo Search Content Quality Guidelines

  1. Research your keywords with Google's Keyword Tool.

For this example I'm using the most relevant term I can for this site: 'seo checklist' - right away Google has told me that people are looking for this list of terms by volume:

  1. Seach engine optimization
  2. Search marketing
  3. Search engine marketing
  4. SEO services
  5. Search engine optimisation
  6. Search engine ranking
  7. SEO marketing
  8. SEO optimization
  9. Google SEO
  10. Search Engine SEO

  1. Create an XML sitemap for search engines. Submit this only as there's no such thing as search engine submission anymore.



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