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Thursday, May 6, 2010

SEO Tips for Beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation for almost every form of online advertising and SEO tips for beginners is going to teach you the basics.

If you need to know:

• What a Meta tag is and how to use them..

• What keywords are
• how many keywords to use
• where keywords should be placed and why
• what title tags are
• what alt tags are
• what header tags are
• what a sitemap is and how to use the different kinds
• why links can help or hurt you
• why commenting is a good thing

Then this site will help you.

SEO Tips for Beginners teaches nothing fancy for several reasons:

Because the basics work well.

Because the basics provide the foundation on which you can build.

Because the rules of SEO are constantly evolving.

You aren't ready for advanced tips that may not fit in with your marketing plan.

You must be willing to expend a lot of time, effort or money to stay on top of the search engine optimization game and some of that time could be utilized in other traffic generation techniques.

I think so Social bookmark sites can provide you with quality traffic and highly targeted traffic when you use them correctly.

I believe that to key the SEO tips achieving its current ranking is the result of several things:

Quality onsite content

Good internal links

Good Meta Tags

A good testimonial on a high trafficked site.

Use of the social media sites.

A video on YouTube that is spreading virally for me.

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Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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